Ivy Lane Players

Long Island Theatre GroupThe Levittown Public Library generously supports the arts, including Ivy Lane Players as its theater in residence.

Essentially, the Library functions as our patron and permits The Ivy Lane Players to perform three shows per year, with the understanding that, as a public library, open to all, no admission fee may be charged.

We rely solely upon the generosity of our audiences to cover royalty fees and production expenses via a free-will offering. Despite these tough economic times, our audience members have always been generous and have kept us performing for nearly sixty years.

Mission Statement

The Ivy Lane Players mission is to provide a full evening of theater as a
public service for those persons who might not otherwise be able to afford or
attend a Broadway show due to cost, difficulty in traveling/mobility and time

Our contention is that it is essential to experiment and to utilize the
opportunity to present offerings that might otherwise never see the light of day in Long Island due to their being perceived as beyond the capability of the audiences who
attend regional theater here.

The Ivy Lane Players disagree with that perception and take the position that Long Island audiences (as well as the The Ivy Lane actors), are entitled to be challenged,
shaken up and, at times, annoyed, pestered and bothered by what happens on
stage. We hope to give the audience food for thought (even if it gives
indigestion at times) and to shake up the actors’ perception of what they
believe are their own limitations in what they can do.

While not everyone wants this and some people would be far happier seeing
endless revivals of the same old/same old, for the adventurous, we offer
something different each time (Anderson, Auburn, Bixby, Blackmore, Busch, Checkov, Christie, Goldsmith, Rebeck, Reza, Shaffer and someone named Shakespeare, to name a few). All in all, we offer a smorgasbord of selections and allow the audience to experience many plays and playwrights who are not otherwise done outside of Manhattan.

The Ivy Lane Players are celebrating nearly sixty years of performing, so we must be doing something right.

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