Cast Call for April 2018 Production: “Courted” by Eric Grayson

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The Ivy lane Players are holding auditions at the Levittown Public Library, 1 Bluegrass Lane, Levittown on January 10 and 11 from 6pm to 9 PM for “Courted: Adam and the Apple Incident” by Eric Grayson, alongside his short play “I Was Here.” Any necessary callbacks will be held January 12 at 6pm. Performance dates: April 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Show details and character breakdowns below.

“Courted” is a meta-theatrical fantasy that draws on the stories of some of the world’s most famous lovers. It opens with literal trouble in paradise as Adam and Eve, the world’s first pair ever to fall in love, have a major falling out after experiencing the consequences of “the apple incident.” After some nudging from Crawly, the resident too-clever-by-half serpent, Adam decides the world would be better off without love— and that he will sue Cupid himself for damages. What ensues is a romp through history, mythology, and literature as Adam, Crawly and Cupid face off in court with famous lovers both comic and tragic called in to serve as witnesses, and the audience acting as the jury to decide whether this crazy little thing called love deserves to keep its place in our world. Three different endings give this play an interactive element, as the audience vote truly does determine the outcome!

“I Was Here” is a short psychological drama that follows Phil, a marooned coast guard officer, as he struggles to survive on an unknown island with his wits and sense of self intact. His vivid memories and thoughts of his wife and child both encourage and distress him in turns as he teeters between false hope and certain despair.

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Characters needed for “COURTED”

CRAWLY – Male, 30+, The Snake from the Garden of Eden. The original con man, or a very good used car salesman. Charming and charismatic, if bitter and sardonic. Prone to monologue, actor must be able to memorize. Cheeky. Conniving. Smarter-Than-Though. Snake-like.

ADAM- Male, 25-30, naive, lovably dim witted, strong sense of duty and outrage, easily confused.

EVE- Female, 25-30, worldly, curious, compassionate, scared, honest.

APHRODITE- Female, late 20s-40s A fox, powerful and sexy, sweet and endearing without being cute, this is her courtroom and she is in control— outside of work she is a “freak in the sheets,” on the job she is pure business— in either setting, she commands respect. A goddess one does not trifle with.

CUPID- Male, 30s- Aphrodite’s lover, and lawyer in the Court of Love. Cupid is charming, charismatic, and dutiful, if a bit flippant, juvenile and full of himself. An expert showman with a winning smile.

CASANOVA- Male, 20s-30s, The most famous lover in history. Fascinated with women. Fascinated with himself. Very snobbish. Very pompous. Capable of seduction, and earnest moments. Engaging and funny. Must be comfortable with audience interaction / light improv.

ORPHEUS- Male, 18-mid 20s. History’s original sad rock star after failing to save his love. Heartbroken and guarded. Poetic, lovelorn, pouty, broody. His music is legendary. Whether it’s a 50s James Dean or an 80s Kurt Cobain, his sadness borders on sexy.

HELEN- Female 18-mid 20s. An attractive young flirt, a “mean girl” type, boy crazy and free-spirited. Helen knows how to get ahead. Must be comfortable with audience interaction and light improv.

LADY CAPULET- Female, late 30s-50s/60s. A weeping woman in court. A grieving mother. Stereotypical Brooklyn Italian, emotive, passionate, and mercurial. Must play as sincere but also comical.

SNOW- Female. 20s-30s. Enjoying her “Happily Ever After,” but haunted by the trauma of her evil stepmother— obsessive compulsive, perfectionist, humble, utterly sweet.

Other incidental roles of various sex/gender/race/age — gods, goddesses, and other mythological figures.

Characters for “I WAS HERE”

PHIL — Male, late 30s-50s. A coast guard officer lost and marooned on an unknown island. Smart, stubborn, principled. Determined to survive with mind and good humor intact. Haunted by thoughts of his wife and child, which alternately bring him hope and despair.

MARIE — Female, late 30s-50s. Phil’s wife. Loving and supportive, but has been feeling neglected by her husband after years of his long assignments away.

JUSTIN — Phil and Marie’s son, about 10 years old, Curious, playful, craves his father’s attention.

JOE — Male, 30s-60s. Local bartender and friend to both Phil and Marie.

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